I’m using painting as a conceptual method to connect the individuality that comes with the handicraft of painting with the look of a detached observer created by a photograph. The result is a contradiction of the image being both personified and impersonal at the same time. I am after the collision of the subjective and objective. Using this method I want to point out the state of the individual in an environment that is increasingly oriented to a constant public spectacle.

My process of painting is a personal ritual that take the idea of the work into daily practice. For example “Self-Image 2010-…” is a painting that I keep painting over and over constantly to study the changes of a person and the style of painting. “Constructor” simulates the constant cumulating and diminishing nature of time. “Mirror Mirror” is attempts to paint a self portrait through the eyes of people close to me. “Seeing Myself Looking” is using a simulacrum as a way of seeing oneself from a distance.

At the moment I am working with an image sampling method to create a closed loop of circling information. It is closely related to how the digital era is handling information. The habits of using an app, a search engine or social-media are analysed and the preferences are remembered. These choices are then reintroduced to the user during every new interaction with the algorithm. It is a closed circle to please the user. The result of a search for new information is actually what the user has already accepted before. By sampling information over and over on the same canvas that it’s originated from is a gesture to re-enact the process of deriving the present from the past.